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PFISTERER Medium Voltage Connex Certified Installers

10 days

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This course is primarily designed for experienced cable jointers installing Medium Voltage cable systems and electrical transformer / switchgear connection equipment on site. Medium Voltage Cable Jointer / Installer will be evaluated for the Certification of Medium Voltage PFISTERER Connex Pluggable Connection System

Note: Cable and relevant training materials will be provided. Participants are encourage to bring their own tools and equipment.

This course is not to train participants to become Medium Voltage skilled jointers / installers of any other suppliers’ accessories nor to train participants in cable preparation skills prior to any accessories installation.
This course is designed to provide participants (experienced Medium Voltage Cable Jointers) to acquire the necessary knowledge and gain hands-on practical “experience” during training to be able to successfully and safely install designated Pfisterer Medium Voltage Connex Separable Connectors.

On successful completion of this course the Cable Jointer / Installer will be awarded the Certificate of Medium Voltage PFISTERER Connex Pluggable Connection System


  • Cable Profile: MV Cable design and construction
  • The Dos and Don’ts in handling cable
  • Overview of product design, accessories, Bill of Materials (BOM) and instruction manual
  • The Function of components in Medium Voltage accessories
  • Good installation techniques and practices
  • Interpretting the installation manual / instruction sheet
  • Demonstration of MV Connex assembly and installation
  • Group assignment
  • Practical Training
  • Assessment of participants knowledge and skills
  • Feedback / Q & A Session

Methodology: practical hands-on
Prerequisites: Knowledge:
  • Medium Voltage Cable Systems
  • Medium Voltage XLPE Cable Design and Constructions
  • The Dos and Don’ts in handling cable.
  • Working practices in Medium Voltage Cable preparation and installation at 33kV
  • Good Practices: health and safety in Medium Voltage site environment

Target Participant: Experienced and fully qualified Medium Voltage Cable Jointer / Installer. Contractors, Technicians, Engineers.
Duration: 10 days
Language: English, Malay

RM 3.6K
Understanding Power System Dynamics And Wide Area Restoration Of Supply

3 days

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The 3 days course is developed to cater for all power industry participants in Generation, Transmission and Distribution who require a working understanding of power system dynamics under disturbed conditions that could lead to widespread brownouts or even total system blackout.  Subsequent wide area supply restoration principles will be deliberated.  The approach of the course is to address the fundamental principles of power system operation, system stability and restoration of a power system from a major or total system blackout condition.  The Peninsular Malaysia Grid System will be used as reference.
The comprehensive course provides an overview of the power grid system, power system stability requirements, the causes of blackouts, blackstart generation plants and the safe and systematic power grid restoration process.  Major blackout experiences in Malaysia and  other jurisdictions, TNB's ERP in supply restoration will be covered.
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how a power system works
  • Classify power system reliable operation and power system stability considerations
  • State the types of blackouts and causes
  • Identify blackouts preventive and protection schemes
  • Explain TNB restoration process and TNB ERP

Methodology: presentation, discussion
Target Participant: Engineers / managers in TNB, IPPs and licensed distributors with a minimum of 3 years service
Duration: 3 days
Language: English

Human Resource Minister - Training Provider Award 2007
Role Model Company 2013 for Electrical Training Programmes by Manpower Department (JTM)
Energy Industry Award: Training Institution Excellence 2011

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