RM 3.6K
33kV GIS Cable Termination

4 days

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This 5 day course is primarily designed to provide the necessary technical knowledge, skills and attitude required to effectively install Medium Voltage (MV: Up to 42kV) cable systems and electrical transformer / switchgear connection equipment on site.  Participants will be trained and evaluated by experienced and qualified trainers. Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will be awarded with the Certificate of Medium Voltage GIS Cable Installation from PFISTERER, Germany (OEM).

  • State the cable components and it’s functions
  • Able to correlate the cable design and construction parameters
  •  Identify the types of screen bonding
  • Describe the Do’s and Don’ts during the cable handling
  • Describe the lesson learned from case studies
  • Perform material check with reference to Bill of Material
  •  Recognise the tools and equipment required to perfom task
  •  Intepret the assembly and installation instructions
  •  Participate in cable preparation
  • Participate in cable assembly and installation
  • Perform Cable Testing

Methodology: discussion, demonstration, practical hands-on
Prerequisites: Participants with related work experience.
Target Participant: Cable jointer, cable installer
Duration: 4 days
Language: English

RM 3.6K
IAM Asset Management Certificate Crash Course
Asset Management


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This is an integrated fast-track Institute of Asset Management (IAM) United Kingdom Certificate course for people working in Asset Management and already familiar with its key concepts and processes in practice. The 5 days training program consist of 3 days training, 1 day exam preparation and 1 day for examination. The 3 days training will cover the major concepts in the Certificate where key definitions are summarised at the end of each module. To gauge the level of understanding for each participants, the course will start with a short self-assessment on key concepts. ​Delegates who complete all of the modules can be registered and sit for the IAM Certificate examination. Those who passes the exam will receive an Asset Management Certificate from IAM (UK).
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to explain

  • The key principles of Asset Management
  • The required framework for asset management decision making
  • The requirements for asset management policy, strategy and implementation plan
  • The management of asset life cycle
  • The measurement and management of asset risks
  • The financial and business impact of asset management

Methodology: presentation, discussion
Prerequisites: Some experience in managing, acquiring, constructing, developing or disposing of assets.
Target Participant: Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Business Owners, CEO, COO, CFO, Business Improvement, Quality Managers, Vice Presidents, Strategic Management
Duration: 3
Language: English

RM 3.6K
Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Driver Grade 2*

4 Hari

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Equip yourself with relevant knowledge and skills to sit for the ICE Driver Grade 2 test conducted by Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

  • Explain Related Provisions Under The Factories And Machinery Act 1967, And Regulations together with the Occupational Safety And Health Act 1994.
  • Explain the Working Principles of Various Types of Gas Turbine System and Their Cycles (eg. Compressor, Turbine, Combustor, Their Fittings, Control Equipment)
  • Explain the Operation of Gas Turbine (eg. Start-up, Synchronizing, Supervision & Protection, Shutdown)
  • Explain the Working Principles of Various Types of Diesel Engine
  • Explain the Operation of Diesel Engine (eg. Start-Up, Synchronizing, Supervision, Protection & Shutdown)
  • Describe Type of Maintenance (eg. Description on Routine, Daily, Preventive and Major)
  • Simulated Experience for Actual DOSH Examination
* Please note that the DOSH exam is not included with the course.

Target Participant:
Duration: 4 Hari

RM 3.6K
Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Engineer Grade 2


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This course offers for participants to equipped with relevant knowledge and skill to sit for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Engineer Grade 2 test, conducted by Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). Its consists of Act and regulation(FMA Act 139 & OSHA Act 514); Gas turbine introduction (history, types and classification of gas turbine); Diesel engine introduction (history, types and classification of gas turbine); Gas turbine/diesel engine components and their functions; Gas turbine/diesel engine maintenance; Principle operation of gas turbine and diesel engine; Non-Destructive Testing, welding; Simulation of actual DOSH exam interview.

This course does not include the Exam by DOSH.
At the end of the course,  participants will be able to:

  • Explain and synthesize related provisions under the Factories and Machinery Act 1967, and regulations together with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994.
  • Implement proper safety procedures in carrying out gas turbine and diesel engine operations and maintenances.
  • Apply the working principles of various types of gas turbine system and their cycles (e.g. compressor, turbine, combustor, their fittings/control equipment)
  • Describe the operation of gas turbine (e.g. start-up, synchronizing, supervision and protection, shutdown)
  • Apply the working principles of various types of diesel engine
  • Describe the operation of diesel engine (e.g. start-up, synchronizing, supervision, protection and shutdown)
  • Synthesize type of maintenance (e.g. description on routine, daily, preventive and major)
  • Achieve simulated experience for actual DOSH examination

Methodology: presentation, demonstration
Target Participant: ICE Engineer Candidate
Duration: 4
Language: English, Malay

RM 3.6K
Project Management Professional Certification By PMI
Project Management

6 Days

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This course include games, contests, case studies, exercises and other tools to help you understand—not memorize the knowledge and structured approach in managing projects. Real-life scenarios and practices are studied and discussed during the training. This course requires participants to have some project management experience to gain the most out of the program.

  • Understand the value of project management, organizational project management maturity and the PMP® certification process.
  • Know an overview of what a PMP® certified project management must know how to apply.
  • Know the nine knowledge areas of PMI’s Guide to the PMBOK ®.
  • Know the five process groups of processes for project management.
  • Understand the 44 key processes of project management and how they relate

Methodology: presentation, discussion, practical hands-on
Prerequisites: At least 1-2 years of experience in managing projects.
Target Participant: Project managers, project coordinators, construction developers, operation managers, asset developers, asset managers
Duration: 6 Days

RM 3.6K
Water Quality System Analyzer
Power & Energy

2 days

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There are a big number and many different types of analyzers being installed in Power Station. Most of the analyzers are for the monitoring of water quality. The functions of each type of analyzers are very critical for the plant safety and long-term fitness. This course covers basic knowledge of raw water and its impurities    including how water being treated before supplying to boiler.  “Learning by doing” is a basic principle    adopted in this training. Participant will be taken through the vast experience of training by the trainers. The emphasis is on participants continuing participation in ensuring the  ultimate success of the course.

  • Explain water cycle chemistry of a  thermal plant
  • Identify types of water quality analyzer
  • Describe the importance of water quality analyzer in power plant
  • State the application for each types of water quality analyzer
  • Describe environmental control and  monitoring
  • Identify risk related activities

Methodology: presentation, discussion
Target Participant: Technician who involved in Power Plant Water Chemistry
Duration: 2 days
Language: English

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Role Model Company 2013 for Electrical Training Programmes by Manpower Department (JTM)
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