Smart Meter and Advanced Metering Infrastructure


This training is designed to improve the participant’s knowledge and competency regarding smart meter and advance metering infrastructure. This training involved theory and trainees will gain opportunity to view lab environment on smart meter system.

At the beginning of this training, the participants will be exposed to the theoretical part of the smart meter and its system. After that, they will visit smart meter system in the metering lab. By doing this approach, it will increase their understanding, confidence level and competency of smart metering system in TNB network.

Open To All

Target Participant



2 Days



Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to understand:

  • Identify various types of smart meter.
  • Identify and name constructional parts of smart meter electronic/electromechanical meter.
  • Explain the smart meter system and advance metering infrastructure.
  • Explain telecommunication in smart meter system


Introduction to metering system

  • Metering principles
  • Types of smart meters available in TNB
  • Construction and functions of electromechanical and electronic meter, smart meter
  • Difference between smart meter, electronic and electromechanical meter.
  • Smart Meter Melaka Pilot Project – Overview and Implementation

  • Overview of Advance Metering Infrastructure
  • Overview of communication smart meter system

What people say?

It was a perfect match seeing that i need to work on my confidence.I actually learnt more skills that is needed for me to be able to develop training programs.
Bodil Dahl
Ceo & Founder Crix
The course definitely helped in improving concepts. It would be great if you add more examples of templates for Training evaluation. This would help in creating better sheets in future. Thanks
Sonal Tyagi
Head Of Sales , Intel