Coaching & Mentoring


Managers play an important role in their team’s motivation and drive to perform well. Similar to a coach on a sports team, managers have to be supportive, encouraging and positive while giving clear and concise guidance to their players.

This course will teach managers how to become a coach and mentor. Participants will learn how to hold dynamic and collaborative coaching sessions for the development of their staff. By the end of this two-day course, participants will be able to distinguish which of their staff needs mentorship to excel, the difference between leading and demanding, and how to give their staff constructive criticism.

PP10 Clerical, TT12 TNBG/TNBT, IT09 – IT13 and PK08

Target Participant






  • Introduce coaching and mentoring-based leadership for the improvement of workforce potential
  • Make participants understand the purpose of coaching and its effectiveness
  • Transform participants into coaches by sharing methods for implementation and by role-playing.


  • Coaching & Mentoring Approaches in Leadership and the role of organisations
  • Coaching & Mentoring Functions
  • Coaching and Implementation
  • Profile of a Coach
  • Coaching exercises

  • Implementing Mentoring
  • Mentors and Supervisors
  • Conclusion Coaching and Mentoring

What people say?

It was a perfect match seeing that i need to work on my confidence.I actually learnt more skills that is needed for me to be able to develop training programs.
Bodil Dahl
Ceo & Founder Crix
The course definitely helped in improving concepts. It would be great if you add more examples of templates for Training evaluation. This would help in creating better sheets in future. Thanks
Sonal Tyagi
Head Of Sales , Intel