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This course details out and standardizes planning methodology in TNB Distribution, which provides TNB Distribution Planners with a basic understanding of theory and practical application. We referring to the latest edition of AutoCAD Map3D also introduces additional requirement to adopt the changes in technology and expansion of network and MAPServer apps.
At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:
Ø  Explain anatomy of a command and Modelling in Auto cad Map3D.
Ø  Apply basic drawing and plotting using Auto cad and Integrated to GIS System.

Target Participant: Civil, UPF, & Mix
Duration: 3
Language: English, Malay

Asset Management

3 days

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Introduction to Asset Management (Module 2) course has been developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Asset Management Fundamentals & the requirements of ISO 55001. The training programme outlines the important aspects of Asset Management beginning with understanding the principles, objectives and decision makings. There is also an emphasis on the leadership, culture and structure that supports Asset Management implementation.
The second part of the module looks into understanding the requirements of ISO55001 and developing the necessary artefacts to document these requirements. Participants will be taught on how to develop Strategic Asset Management Plan, financial planning to support the Asset Management Plan and other critical management plans development such as system engineering and maintenance management.

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Target Participant:

  • Asset managers
  • Asset service providers
  • Organization Decision makers

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to explain clearly:
·         The principles and concepts of Asset Management
·         The required leadership, culture and structure in Asset Management
·         Asset Management & Risk Management requirements
·         ISO 55001 Asset Management System Requirements
·         Development of Strategic Asset Management Plan and Asset Management Plan & Objectives
·         Development of other management plans to support Asset Management Plans

Any enquiries, please contact:
Khairul Shamsi b Robiki              Tel: 016-3562560           Email:
Bibi Hazrina bt Alli Rahman            Tel: 013-3090000   Email:

Target Participant: ASSET OWNERS
Duration: 3 days
Language: Malay

Introduction And Application To EWRM (Risk Owners)

1 Day

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<p justify;"="">The course is designed to provide participants, who are the assigned risk owners, with the basic knowledge of risk management to allow them to be able to assess and manage risks at the workplace.


<p justify;"="">To apply enterprise wide risk management in daily business operations in line with the established framework to achieve business objectives.

• To adequately explain the concept of enterprise wide risk management in order to achieve TNB’s strategic and operational objectives
• To adequately explain the TNB Enterprise Wide Risk Management policy and guidelines
• To apply the Group Wide Risk Assessment (GWRA) process to manage risks
• To utilise the TNB Risk Information System (TRIS) to manage, report and monitor risks


Target Participant: Risk Owners, Mitigation Plan Owners, Project Managers, Executives
Duration: 1 Day

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Energy Industry Award: Training Institution Excellence 2011

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