Water Quality System Analyzer
Power & Energy

2 Days

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There are a big number and many different types of analyzers being installed in Power Station. Most of the analyzers are for the monitoring of water quality. The functions of each type of analyzers are very critical for the plant safety and long-term fitness. This course covers basic knowledge of raw water and its impurities    including how water being treated before supplying to boiler.  “Learning by doing” is a basic principle    adopted in this training. Participant will be taken through the vast experience of training by the trainers. The emphasis is on participants continuing participation in ensuring the  ultimate success of the course.

  • Explain water cycle chemistry of a  thermal plant
  • Identify types of water quality analyzer
  • Describe the importance of water quality analyzer in power plant
  • State the application for each types of water quality analyzer
  • Describe environmental control and  monitoring
  • Identify risk related activities

Methodology: presentation, discussion
Target Participant: Technician who involved in Power Plant Water Chemistry
Duration: 2 Days
Language: English

Water Chemistry Fundamental
Power & Energy

2 Days

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Water chemistry fundamental comprises of basic knowledge of raw water and its impurities; how water being treated before supplying to boiler; pre-commissioning of unit before operation; boiler, condensate and feedwater quality control; on-line analyzers and monitoring parameters; prevention against sea water ingress and power plant failures.
Terminal Objective:

With the slides given, participant will be able to explain the fundamentals of water chemistry correctly.

Course Objectives:

On completion of the course, participants will be able to gain a wide range knowledge comprising of:

  • describing fundamental systems used in power plants
  • describing the basic of water chemistry
  • identifying the parameters and analyzers
  • explaining the processes of water

Target Participant: Individuals / Executives involved in Power Plant Operations especially Operators, Shift Engineers, Maintenance Engineers & Junior Plant Chemists
Duration: 2 Days
Language: English, Malay

Warehouse Management


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Target Participant: E14-M15
Duration: 3

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