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Target Participant: E16-E17
Duration: 2



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According to clause 5.9.1 of The Malaysian Distribution Code (2012), “Distributors and Embedded Distributors shall prepare Distribution System Plans of their Distribution System by applying the best engineering practices in a Distribution System Plan, and shall be reviewed and updated in an annual Distribution System Planning Review. The Distributor shall carry out planning studies to derive a Distribution System Plan for developing a target network for the next 5 years for the 33 kV Distribution System and for the next 3 years for the 11 kV Distribution System…The Distributor’s Distribution System Plan(s) shall be sent to the Commission for information and review to provide inputs for future Distributor’s Distribution System Plans.”
This enables power utilities such as TNB to prepare development plan (11kV – 3 years & 33kV – 5 years) to Energy Commission of Malaysia in compliance to License Condition No. 32 which is governed under Section 9 of Akta Bekalan Elektrik, as reflected in Section 5.9.1 of the Malaysian Distribution Code
At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:
·         Apply DNAPnet to prepare 33kV Distribution Network Master Plan (DNMP) completely & efficiently base on the requirement of distribution planning in TNB

Target Participant: distribution state planner
Duration: 5
Language: English, Malay



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There are many factors contributing to losses where there are divided by two which are technical losses and non-technical losses. As for technical losses, it inherent in the physical delivery of electricity and non-technical losses is not related to the physical characteristics and functions of the electrical system.
This course details out the technical losses which explains about the implication of technical losses and also it affected by the power factor, load factor, capacity factor and many other factors.
Upon completion of the lesson, trainees will be able to:
·         Explain basic concept of distribution technical losses correctly.
·         Carry out technical job with consideration of distribution technical  losses
·         Carry out capacitor planning optimally to reduce distribution losses

Target Participant: distribution planning, construction exec, operation & maintenance exec, & commercial exec
Duration: 3
Language: English, Malay

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