Our Methodologies

SAT is in place in ILSAS. We use the ADDIE model which is a systematic instructional design model used for our engineering & management training development. ADDIE has 5 phases: Analysis, Development, Design, Implementation and Evaluation. Each phase has an outcome that feeds into the next step in the sequence.

ILSAS adopts the Bloom’s Taxonomy to design assessment questions to ensure the training delivery meets the objectives and quality standards. The Kirkpatrick’s 4-Level Evaluation model is used to determine training effectiveness, thus ensuring continuous improvement of the training.

Most technical training programs are conducted with 70% hands-on/practical at the simulator or workshop with another 30% theory in classroom or lab.

ILSAS has a dedicated Training Research & Development Unit (TRD) to ensure the quality and standards of the training modules & trainer’s skills. TRD established an ILSAS Training Guideline (PLI) to ensure conformity and standards in training slides, notes, lesson plan, training development guidelines, etc. TRD also performs Test Items Analysis to ensure that the exam questions meet the quality standards.

When a new training module is developed, ILSAS makes sure that all expert parties (Subject Matter Experts) are involved, including TNB field experts (and if necessary external consultants). Later on, when the training is delivered, the same SMEs will be called in as part-time trainers and ‘transfer of technology/knowledge’ is made to our in-house ILSAS trainers as well. Some of these SMEs eventually are hired and absorbed to be part of ILSAS full-time staff.

Human Resource Minister - Training Provider Award 2007
Role Model Company 2013 for Electrical Training Programmes by Manpower Department (JTM)
Energy Industry Award: Training Institution Excellence 2011

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