Engineering & Technical Training

Praxis, hands-on practical training programs

Demand for competent skills in the workforce has gained major importance in Tenaga Nasional. Hence, ILSAS can currently offer a select few programs for the public. Other unlisted programs can be requested for special arrangement. Please do so by making an 'Enquiry' by clicking here.

Progarms currently offered to the public apart from the listed programs under Certification are as follows:
ILSAS latest training facilities include:
  • The ILSAS Renewable Energy Centre, a state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic installation workshop (for hands-on training for technicians, engineers and contractors for installation and maintenance of solar PV panels);
  • Generator synchronizing workshop (for GenSet operation and maintenance);
  • SCADA & remote terminal unit laboratory (for SCADA and telecommunication training of technicians and engineers);
  • SF6 Gas Management (DILO, Germany) & 33kV Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS) workshop (ITEM Industrial Engineering);
  • Pfisterer (Germany) medium voltage pluggable connection system workshop.
Human Resource Minister - Training Provider Award 2007
Role Model Company 2013 for Electrical Training Programmes by Manpower Department (JTM)
Energy Industry Award: Training Institution Excellence 2011

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