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This course covers mainly on the common issues in various type of power quality:
·         Voltage Sag & Swell
·         Harmonic Distortion
·         Transient, Notches & Flickers
Most of the class activities involve application using computer software and demonstration
At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:
·         Explain basic definition of power quality correctly.
·         Identify common types of power quality event without errors.
Apply the fundamental knowledge to initiate action plans to solve customers’ complaints related to power quality

Target Participant: All (Distribution technical staff)
Duration: 2
Language: English, Malay

Introduction To Non-Destructive Testing
Power & Energy

5 Days

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This course covers applications associated with four (4) main types of Non Destructive Testing and offers a high practical content and relevant theoretical background to enable course participants to achieve the understanding of NDT.

The training format is theory and practical, where the participants will be actively involved in the class and practical activities. Hence, it will increase their confidence level.

“Learning by doing” is a basic principle adopted in this training. Participant will be taken through the vast experience of training by the trainers. The emphasis is on participants continuing participation in ensuring the ultimate success of the Course.
After attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify / enumerate four (4) main types of NDT inspection methods used in power plant inspection.
  • Select the most appropriate NDT method / technique for the inspection of power plant components in accordance to relevant code and standards.

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Target Participant: TNBG TT09-TT13, Mech. Engineers & Mech. Executives
Duration: 5 Days
Language: English, Malay

Introduction To Metering


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Kursus ini direka untuk meningkatkan kemahiran, pengetahuan dan kompeten untuk membantu peserta menjalankan tugas dalam mengendalikan hal-hal berkaitan dengan sistem meter di TNB. Format latihan adalah berbentuk teori, aktiviti berkumpulan dan praktikal, di mana para peserta akan terlibat secara aktif di dalam aktiviti-aktiviti kelas. Oleh itu, ia akan meningkatkan tahap keyakinan mereka.
Pada awal latihan ini, para peserta akan didedahkan kepada bahagian teori meter. Selepas itu, mereka akan melakukan aktiviti–aktiviti berkumpulan dan aktiviti praktikal. Dengan melakukan kaedah ini , ia akan meningkatkan keyakinan, kecekapan dan pemahaman mereka dalam memahami rangkaian sistem meter di TNB.
Pada akhir kursus ini, peserta akan dapat:
·         Menyatakan asas bekalan TNB dan jenis-jenis pengguna dengan betul.
·         Menyatakan tarif, membuat pengiraan tenaga dan faktor kuasa dengan betul.
·         Menyatakan jenis-jenis meter dan perbezaannya dengan betul.
·         Menyatakan sebab-sebab penukaran meter dan garis panduan meter elektrik dari ST dengan betul.
·         Menyatakan cara-cara penjimatan tenaga dengan betul.

Target Participant: TNB
Duration: 2
Language: English, Malay

Human Resource Minister - Training Provider Award 2007
Role Model Company 2013 for Electrical Training Programmes by Manpower Department (JTM)
Energy Industry Award: Training Institution Excellence 2011

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